Travel South to Mokpo => Haenam => Wando and back Seoul

On Dec 11, I went with my Korean colleague to a place which I had never heard of, i.e. Mokpo (aka Mokpo-si). To make money more well spent, we took a normal train that depart @ 07.05 am instead of KTX (much faster but double the price) since we were not in the rush. Strangely, the train was delayed for 30 minutes which rarely happened according per my colleague.

Half an hour later we board the train and began our travel journey to the south part of Korea as the train moved out from Yongsan station. By the time we reached the destination it was already half past twelve in the afternoon.  Quickly, we went to the Tourist information counter to grab a map of Mokpo before we headed for lunch to please our hungry stomach..

After lunch, we began our walking to explore Mokpo city. We walked towards Yudal mountain to catch the picturesque of the city.

Accordingly to my travel companion, we should not miss the “Gatbawi” (갓바위) , a pair of rocks in Mokpo-shi, Jeollanam-do which form a small peninsula a bit east of the main part of Mokpo. The two rocks are called Jeongbawi and Satgatbawi. It was considered to be one of Mokpo’s “Eight Scenic Spots.” The name was also used for the Gatbawi Cultural Street in Mokpo, on which was located the Korean National Maritime Museum and the Moko Natural History Museum. We also went to the fish market place where you saw owners both opposite sides calling you to drop by their store to buy their fresh seafood.

Since this place was known for seafood place, I was told to try the “live octopus that sprinkle with lots of sesame oil”. The restaurant owner served the dish with live octopus along with a pair of scissor for us to use. It was cut into pieces and the poor octopus was still moving vigorously. It looked exactly what you saw them on TV. It took me awhile to conquer my fear before I decided to try a tiny piece of the octopus. I used the chopsticks to pick up the creature and very quickly put inside my mouth and chewed as fast as I could. What is the taste like? Hmmm……..sashimi….and luckily it was very fresh so I didn’t puke.

The next day we walked to the bus-interchange in Mokpo to catch morning bus to Haenam. Typically, like Mokpo city you cannot find any foreign tourist like me. I managed to catch the sunrise the next morning and it was really beautiful.

Wando was our last stop of our entire trip. Clueless of what places of interests it offered there however it was not difficult to discover quickly with the help of a big banner that mentioned some Korean dramas were filmed here, such as Zhu Meng and recent Emperor of the Sea. We took a bus that would bring us to the filming place and the journey was about 50 minutes.

FOC is rare in today’s world especially when it is a popular filming location. Each of us had to cough up 4,000 won to pay for entrance fee. We took about 45 minutes to cover the filming site and had to catch the public bus that would brought us back to interchange so as not to miss our bus @ 3.45 pm which we brought us back to Seoul @ Gangnam Bus Terminal. Home Sweet Home……. ^ ^.


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